Any special occasion is definitely incomplete without gifts but finding unique gifts is very difficult. However, the scenario is very similar for every one. Here are some ideas to find unique gifts.


Sometimes Christmas gift will be a nightmare,question what kind of gift should I choose or buy?

Gift cards, „„„„„


I hope this collection of Christmas gift ideas, help you to choose something for your lovers So check below out:



Read this article published in Fiji Times Online called, “Our human footprint.” The piece focuses on the upcoming, June 2012, United Nations conference Rio + 20; A meeting on Sustainable Development. The article also illustrates the particular role that population plays in the Rio + 20 conference.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Security Council met at 6855th meeting to discuss the situation in Libya.

The President, with the consent of the Council, invited the representative of Libya, at his request, to participate in the consideration of the item without the right to vote, in…


I was emailed recently by someone asking how my site does so well in Google. They probably noticed that I don’t use meta-tags, I sometimes forget to put alt text on images and I’m not jamming every page with keywords. If you study up on SEO tactics you’ll see that I ignore most of them. Here is…